About us

Limor Ben Yosef is one of the leading wedding dress designers in Israel who specializes in designing custom dresses. Limor’s wedding dress collection is the fruit of her imagination and vision and is based on the inspiration that Limor receives from her clients, strong women and trips around the world. The leading motif and connecting thread is strong and free women. All dresses are sewn in elite handmade sewing only and come in a LIMITED EDITION version so that no collection is the same as the previous one. As a strong and leading career woman, Limor makes sure that her dresses also express strong femininity alongside elegance

When it comes from love My collections are the product of art, vision and passion. Every single design is made specially to enhance femininity and making your fantasy come true. each collection is exclusive and unique. every bead, every lace and every stitch is made using the finest hand sewing techniques, all fabrics and materials are the highest quality. Every gown is high end costume made and manually embroidered to immaculate. My couture house and I are proud to be a part of your special day, With Love, Limor Ben Yosef

עדיין לא מצאת את שמלת חלומותייך? קיימות אצלי בסטודיו מעל 500 עיצובים שונים של שמלות כלה בכל הגזרות והמידות ככה שאם לא ראית אותה באתר, בטוח שתמצאי אותה אצלי בסטודיו! השאירי פרטים ונחזור אליך מהסטודיו בהקדם האפשרי לעזור בכל השאלות ולתאם פגישת ייעוץ אישית